Tomeka Taylor

In September of 2014, I got one of the biggest scares of my life, a cancer diagnosis. It was during that time, I met so many women with hair loss, who’d never worn wigs, and had no clue what they were looking for, or where to look. Then there were those I met that wore wigs that just didn’t compliment them. They weren’t happy with their wig, which in turn played a great part in their confidence and self-esteem.

It was then that I made it my personal mission to create natural looking, low maintenance, easy to install wigs for women. Wigs that not only look good, but made them feel better about themselves.

In 2015, I started making and donating wigs to women with hair loss due to Cancer. The mission was to help them restore self-esteem, dignity and confidence. From their I started my first wig line, Custom Wigs By T. Taylor. I've helped hundreds of women since. Our brand has grown tremendously. In March of 2019 I decided to relaunch and give my wig line a different name, and add a mobile service. Our mobile service is an in home care service for women who are experiencing hair loss. We will come to you.

We are Coverinz Wigs & Extensions and Coverinz Mobile Hair Replacement Services. We provide both medical and cosmetic wigs.

Our name has changed but our mission has not. We will always provide outstanding customer service. We will continue to supply beautiful, natural luxury wigs with high-quality hair and materials that will restore self-esteem and confidence.

Tomeka Taylor